We participate in the following outreach events, organized by the University of Utah College of Engineering

High-school Girls Engineering Abilities Realized (Hi-GEAR) (annually, mid June)

We organize a half-day, hands-on tribology workshop for 24 high school girls, as part of the week long Hi-GEAR camp. The goal of this workshop is to teach high school students about friction and lubrication. Participants engage in different tribology experiments that mimic some of the first tribology experiments documented by Leonardo da Vince, aimed at measuring the friction coefficient between two materials. The goal of this program is to increase enrollment of women in engineering studies.



Engineering Scholars Lab Tours (annually, October)

We host lab tours for engineering freshmen. The objective of this program is to encourage undergraduate students to get involved in research.



Engineering Day (annually, November)

We host lab tours for prospective engineering students, their parents, and families. The objective of this program is to inform prospective students about studying mechanical engineering at the University of Utah.